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              Langda Jinggong Zibo Advanced Manufacturing Industry Alliance New Material Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference was successfully held in Langda

              Date:2022-02-12 Read:

              On February 10, 2022, the new material industry cooperation exchange meeting of Zibo Advanced Manufacturing Industry Alliance was successfully held in Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd., the director unit of the Alliance. Wang Chonghai, Vice Chairman of the Alliance, General Manager of Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., and Zhang Yingming, Secretary General of the Alliance attended the meeting. Jia Min, member of the Party Leadership Group of Zibo Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, secretary and director of the Party Committee of Zibo non-public economy development center, and Xing Jun, deputy director of the Bureau of Science, Technology, Industry and Information Technology of the High tech Zone, were invited to attend the meeting.


              Before the meeting, the participants visited the Langda production workshop, office and exhibition area under the guidance of Chairman Liu Peng.




              The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yingming, Secretary General of the Alliance. Secretary General Zhang Yingming briefed everyone on the background of the establishment of the Alliance, the holding of this exchange meeting, and the work plan of the Alliance in the first half of the year, and said that the Alliance would hold various types of exchange meetings in various governing units to promote enterprise cooperation and development through the exchange meeting, and also lay a solid foundation for the establishment of advanced manufacturing industry associations.


              Liu Peng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the situation of Landa, and briefly described the development process and business philosophy of Landa. President Liu said that Landa's products and management are benchmarking with European and international standards, positioned in the application of carbon fiber new materials in high-end high-performance industrial equipment and components, and by breaking through the neck technology in key areas such as high-speed rotors and electric vehicle transmission shafts, it replaces imported products and fills the gap in high-end mechanical components in China. In the future, Landa will continue to be committed to building "China's leading composite technology enterprise!", Make more contributions to the industry.


              During the exchange, everyone introduced the situation of the enterprise one by one and shared their experiences. Through communication, a number of cooperation intentions were reached on site. They all said that they had learned a lot by visiting Rhonda, listening to the policy sharing and learning the strategic positioning theory of enterprises through this exchange meeting. They hoped that the Alliance would hold more similar activities that could benefit enterprises.


              In his speech, Xing Jun, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Science, Technology, Industry and Information Technology of the High tech Zone, thanked the Alliance for holding the first official New Year's event in the High tech Zone, and affirmed the form of such a collaborative exchange meeting that can effectively promote cooperation. Under the leadership of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Municipal Non public Economy Development Center, the Science, Industry and Information Technology Bureau of the High tech Zone will also fully support and cooperate with the Alliance, serve the enterprises in the zone, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the city's economy with the Alliance.


              Jia Min, a member of the Party Leadership Group of Zibo Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Zibo non-public economic development center, made a summary speech for the exchange. He said that in the next step, the Center will contact and communicate with enterprises more, adjust and optimize the policy implementation, and better serve enterprises according to the implementation of the four strong industrial policies in the past year.


              After the activity, everyone took a group photo in front of the workshop and office building.



              Langda Information Center: Liu Di

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